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At Puro Catering, our small, youthful team is the heartbeat of creativity and dedication. Always friendly, consistently innovative, we bring a fresh approach to crafting unforgettable experiences.




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Crafting Culinary Elegance

We’re passionate about the intersection of digital innovation and healthy eating.

Indulge in the artistry of exquisite events with Puro Catering. Fueled by our passion for culinary excellence and inspired by the latest gastronomic trends, our team, rooted in Michelin-starred expertise, brings a unique blend of innovation and healthy eating to every occasion.

For us, food transcends mere sustenance; it’s a masterpiece meant to be shared and celebrated. With an unwavering commitment to taste, design, and a dash of creativity, we take pride in curating culinary experiences that are not only delicious but visually stunning.

Whether you’re planning a grand wedding, a corporate affair, or a special event, Puro Catering is here to transform your vision into a culinary work of art. Join us in the celebration of flavors, where every dish tells a story. Contact Puro Catering, and let’s craft something extraordinary together.


Culinary Excellence Elevating Every Event

At Puro Catering, we specialize in orchestrating unforgettable culinary experiences tailored for weddings, private dining events with a private chef, retreats, and corporate gatherings. Serving the picturesque landscapes of the Algarve and Lisbon, we go beyond the ordinary to transform each occasion into a seamless symphony of flavors and elegance.

From the romance of weddings to the precision demanded by corporate events, our comprehensive catering services extend to every detail – from tableware and kitchen equipment to furnishings and dedicated personnel. Our team is passionately dedicated to ensuring that every event, whether grand or intimate, is a celebration of exceptional taste and service.

At Puro Catering, we understand that great food has the power to elevate moments into memories, whether it’s an intimate private dining experience or a large corporate affair. Contact us today, and let’s craft an extraordinary culinary journey tailored to your vision.

Crafting Culinary Dreams

Meet the Puro Catering Team Dedicated to Bring Your Vision to Life

The founder

“I love the simplicity and complexity of cooking

Maximilian Haxel




Founder Puro Food Content



Founder Puro Catering



Founder einfachvegan.de



Founder Fingerfood Berlin GmbH



Restaurant Facil, Berlin

2** Michelin


Restaurant VAU, Berlin

1* Michelin


Villa Watthalden, Ettlingen


After my apprenticeship near the Black Forest, I moved to Berlin. There I gained a lot of experience in various Michelinstar restaurants. After I became a happy dad for the first time, I left the classic restaurant business and started my first own company.

Following many very successful years, countless events and many happy customers, we sold the company in early 2018. After that, I took a creative break and set off on a two-year trip around the world with the family.

After many months in South Africa, Southeast Asia and South America i have found my new home here in Portugal.

Elevating Events, Crafting Experiences

Meet the Passionate Team Behind Puro Catering

Joana Jesus

Event & Sales Manager


Isabelle Theile

sous chef